Approximately: 30 x 30 x 55 cm, Black iron wire 0,5 mm
The human face is inspiration to many artists throughout history and we don't seem to tire from it. This is something that fascinates me. The fact that it's in our biology to be able to distinguish even te slightest change in mimique. To physically feel our body opening up to the harmony in a face we call "beauty". To note ever so slight emotional expressions, our brains are just amazing at this. 

Like Da Vinci did with his "Sfumato" painting technique in Mona Lisa's ever changing smile. These portraits have something lively. Here its due to their movement, like in a real face something is always changing. As they are spinning slightly tilted, the edges of the mouth and eyes slightly moves up or down. This makes that we can almost feel emotions passing of the face like in a real human.   
When one looks at these portraits carefully we can't help but be sucked in. Our brains just need to work creatively to take it in, by which we slide out of our thinking mind automatically. A great antidote for the input overload we usually deal with. 

This is why people fall in love with the work, buy it and enjoy it every day. Unlike TV it never gets boring.
The works are not as fragile as they look, transport, even shipment is well possible. If is hung on a good location, for instance above a low closet, it will be safe to enjoy for many, many years.
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Pictures of some portraits