260 x 260 x 240 cm, Black iron wire 1 mm, electric multi layered engine
Commissioned by a Dutch couple this 260 cm mobile taks a prominent place in open space connecting the ground floor with the first floor. The location of the house is windy, open and has many sea gulls. The large windows give a sense of the space and a feel of freedom, the work is inspired by the location, the house design and talks with the buyer who is also the architect.
Realizing this work was complex because it required an electric engine that has the sculptural elements moving in different directions and speeds. This device was specially designed to be 10 year free of maintenance and to be completely silent.

That difficult stage is passed, there are a few more engines available for new installations up to 400 cm width, great in an elegant lobby or staircase.

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Pictures of "Lift" as it is installed in permanently.