Inner Smile

150 x 140 x 300 cm. Stainless steel, UV spot lights and responsive coating.
Available for shows
The work shows a portrait that was created by studying the facial features of many "enlightened" people that have that typical smile that can melt our hearts, even on a photo. What is it in their face that gives us this calmness?

As we watch the calm three meter face spin in the air she slowly ages, lines start to appear. Keeping her inner beauty the lines become more and more pronounced, until suddenly the all disappear. Life starts anew for her, will it for us? All we know for sure is that we change, get older and then die. Lets find out what is important to us, and start from there.

(The work is renamed from "Ab Iove principium" to "Inner Smile" as the old name was site specific.) 
Pictures of the work in Cascais, Saint Petersburg and Toronto.