Choosing Mildness

Three works of about 150 x 150 x 240 cm. Stainless steel, UV LED lights and responsive coating.
Available for shows
In the work we can see three old men, their wrinkles as traces of the lives the lived. They come from different parts of the world and probably have different religions, yet they have something in common.

Created for the old city of Jerusalem, a location that had left an impression on me two years earlier. The place that is so important to three mayor religions turned out to also be a place where people manifest their religion in a strong, almost demonstrative way, at least in my eyes. I experienced it as if there is always tension in the air. Here I felt, even more clearly than at home, that tolerance is not the same as really living together. 

The work is now available for shows. 
Pictures of Choosing Mildness at the old city walls of Jeruzalem.