Showing work

Most works on this site are being shown Internationally and are also available for your event. Some works are part of the Light Art Collection, which means this organisation will handle this with you. Some existing works and all new work is available directly through me. Creating a new work can sometimes even be cheaper than showing an existing work. The simple reason being that I love to create new work and am willing to invest in order to realize new works.

Years of experience showing internationally have led to much knowledge on how to create works that are easy to transport and install without losing their characteristic elegance. Works that stand out in a festival and capture the imagination.

Contact me to explore the possibilities for your event.

Buying work

After years on Art Fairs and with galeries, the work is now directly available from me. Although the works look very fragile, they are less so than you might think. They can safely be transported in a box and installation is quite straight forward. With my manual and personal Skype advice anyone will be able to install the work. However, if you live in the region I can come to install the work personally.

There are more works available than are on this website. And there is the option of commissioning new work, which usually costs the same. 
All works are hand-bent by me. 

Feel free to contact me for more information about how to get one of my works in your home.